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Many people in the world are worried about their health and are very concerned about their increasing weight. Morbid weight gain indeed results in many health problems like diabetes, hypertension, etc. Along with these morbidities, obesity also creates an undesirable image of a person in society. So, this problem needs to be solved and many attempts have been made to give hope to obese people. One of the products on market for this purpose is VivaSlim.

VivaSlim Weight Loss Drops

VivaSlim is a supplement that helps in weight loss and improves the general health of its users. It targets the stubborn fat in the body and makes the physique better. For decreasing stubborn fat from the body, it is important to know the biochemistry related to fat cells.

The fat cells have receptors on them that act as a switch for initiating weight loss. It is believed that these switches referred to as “Cytokine Gates” on fat cells are turned off by stubborn fat resulting in increased fat production and hence weight gain by a person.

VivaSlim opens these Cytokine gates and prevents them from closing thus resulting in loss of stubborn fat from the body that improves health and results in the well-being of an individual. This healthy effect on the body mass index of a person keeps their body in good shape and gives them health benefits. In addition to this effect on fat cells, regulation of appetite of a person is also an important function performed by this natural ingredient-containing product.

VivaSlim Drops Introduction: Does It Works For Weight Loss

VivaSlim is a food supplement that comes in liquid form. It has natural ingredients that are so effective in its action that they target the basic mechanism of fat deposition in the body and reduce the fat in the body by controlling that fat deposition mechanism. According to some experts, the lack of adiponectin in the body results in fat deposition. Vivaslim solves this problem and prevents fat deposition by the action of its natural ingredients. Along with organic substances, Vivaslim also has vitamins and minerals that play a key role in the fat metabolism in the body increasing the burning of all the stubborn fat in the body.

VivaSlim Manufacturer

Vivaslim is manufactured by a trustworthy company named “Simple Promise PTE, LTD” that is well known for the manufacturing of good quality food supplements that are used by many people.

The products of this company are approved by quality testing and scientific bodies. The company provides its customers with the best products approved by the Goods Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The company manufactures its products after thorough research about all the aspects of the product. Vivaslim was also manufactured after thorough research by a man named Brian Fox, who retired from his job as a pilot.

VivaSlim Ingredients

Vivaslim contains 12 naturally occurring plant products along with some vitamins and minerals. The plant products keep the cytokine gate open in the adipose tissue and help in reducing the fat in the body. Other ingredients in it burn fat in the body without needing physical activity.

Following is the detail of the ingredients used in the manufacturing of Vivaslim:

L-ornithine: This is a naturally occurring amino acid. It is used by athletes to boost their performance in the game, heal injuries, and get better sleep. It makes the metabolism in the body better by increasing the sensitivity of insulin in the body.

Maca: It is also a naturally occurring substance with many benefits like enhancement of glucose metabolism that results in good blood sugar control. This action along with hormone regulation by this “Peruvian ginseng” named adaptogen results in good weight management by reducing the unnecessary fat from the body. It also has good effects on libido and blood flow making it good for the sexual performance of men.

Irvingia gabonensis: It is rich in dietary fiber hence; it causes improving gut motility and lowers blood cholesterol levels. These effects result in the loss of fat in the body. It is also called the African mango. It suppresses the appetite. This action makes it a good agent to prevent overeating.

Rhodiola: The active ingredient of this herb is called rosavin that performs two main functions, burning of fat and lowering of cholesterol in the body. Both these functions reduce craving in person. This has two additional properties that it is a stress reliever and reduces fatigue making the person active.

L-Glutamine: This amino acid helps in weight reduction by fat loss due to its regulation of gut flora. It also reduces inflammation and improves insulin sensitivity. Its exercise recovering property makes it a good component of fitness supplements.

Niacin: Niacin is an essential amino acid for the health of our nervous system, digestive system, and skin. It reduces appetite and increases muscle growth. Its cholesterol-lowering effect makes it a good agent for the reduction of fat.

L-Carnitine: This amino acid plays a very important role in the production of energy in the body. This property of this amino acid makes it an excellent choice for a regimen for reducing fat. L-carnitine increases muscle mass and is a good performance booster due to its action of regulation of metabolism and its control of blood sugar levels.

Astragalus: Its effects of appetite control and weight loss are due to its action that regulates sugar metabolism and enhancement of insulin sensitivity. Chinese have been using this as a medicine for a century due to its immune-boosting effect on the body.

L-Arginine: As claimed by the company, this amino acid not only reduces weight as a whole but also specifically reduces waist circumference.

Beta-Alanine: This amino acid has two important functions. First, it boosts the energy levels of the body. Second, it improves the metabolism in muscles increasing lean muscle mass. These two features make it an excellent choice in pre-workout supplements.

Pygeum Americanum: This herbal extract is very important due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. The antioxidant effect makes it a detoxifying agent that protects the body cells from oxygen-free radicals and the anti-inflammatory effect reduces the inflammation preventing the body from undergoing any temporary functional defect due to inflammation.

How Does VivaSlim Drops Works?

As it has been explained earlier in the article, fat loss in the body is dependent on a receptor on the fat cells which was referred to as Cytokine gate by the researchers. Now, this Cytokine gate is central to the action of Vivaslim. Cytokine gate acts as a natural modulator of fat metabolism and it results in the release of fat in liquid form. When this Cytokine gate is closed, it causes the fat in the cells of the body to be trapped. Now the fat in the cells continues to accumulate and form a large fat globule in the cell. This accumulation of the abnormal amount of fat in the cells is responsible for a number of health problems and often results in chronic morbid conditions. So, for the healthy metabolism of the body, the Cytokine gate should remain open so that fat is not accumulated in the cells causing a disturbance in the metabolism. When the Cytokine gate is closed, the body is unable to burn fat despite many attempts by a person to lose fat. Doctors call this inability of the body to burn fat a “metabolic break”. The health hazards caused by this “metabolic break” can only be avoided by keeping the Cytokine gat open.

Now when we have talked about the importance of the opening of the Cytokine gate, we ought to talk about the cause of prolonged closure of this gate. The cause of the closure of the Cytokine gate is the different toxins that are present in our food, water, and air. These chemicals close the Cytokine gate and cause fat accumulation in cells resulting in different health problems.

Vivaslim opens the Cytokine gate and causes the removal of fat from the cells. Different ingredients of Vivaslim have different actions and all the actions combined result in loss of fat from the body. The key function of opening the closed Cytokine gate is performed by the ingredient Irvingia gabonensis. This action of Irvingia gabonensis is central to the whole process of fat loss.

Vivaslim has some other ingredients. Some of them are plant extracts and some are vitamins. These ingredients perform other important functions in the body like supporting the weight loss process and providing the body the extra amount of energy it needs for metabolism.

This information about the action of this product is available on the official website of Simple Promise. This study was conducted by NYU Langone Medical Centre and led to the manufacturing of this amazing product for fat loss by Simple Promise.

Effects observed by use:

The effects of Vivaslim on the body depend on the person using it. This thing is the same as any food supplement that you use. If use is not proper and according to the guidelines and advice, the effects may not be what one expects them to be. It will have different effects on different users. The effects of this drug on a person are very much dependent on the body of a person and his health condition in general. So, this makes it clear that the use of this product should be after proper consultation with a trained medical professional who should be made aware of your health condition as well as the properties of this product. Like every other product, people have certain expectations from Vivaslim as well. The company has gathered data about customer reviews and listed some of the common expectations of users of Vivaslim. Some of the expectations are given below:

Appetite suppression: Whenever someone desires weight loss, the first thing that they want to change is their appetite. It is very difficult for a person to lose weight if he/she has the same appetite as they used to have before the start of the weight loss program. Appetite is under the control of the ghrelin hormone. Ghrelin causes excessive hunger in a person. The natural ingredients of Vivaslim control ghrelin levels and reduce hunger thus aiding in weight loss.

Metabolism Boosting: Boosting metabolism by ingredients of Vivaslim is leads to the loss of fat from the body because metabolism requires energy to proceed and that energy is provided by the nutrition we take along with the natural stores of nutrition present in the body. Fat is an essential nutrient present in the body. When metabolism is boosted, fat consumption is increased leading to loss of fat from the body.

Regulation of cholesterol levels: Vivaslim causes the release of fat from the adipocytes and regulates blood cholesterol. Regulation of blood cholesterol has great effects on one’s health. Both good and bad cholesterol is present in the body. Vivaslim reduces the bad cholesterol and hence creates a good balance of good cholesterol in the body.

VivaSlim Bottle Price and Purchase

Vivaslim is available in liquid forms filled in a bottle. Different packages of Viva slim are available at different prices.  The price of one bottle of Vivaslim is 49$ whereas if one wishes to order multiple units, the price per bottle then drops to 31$.

The available packages of Viva slim are:

1 bottle: 49$

3 bottles: 117$

6 bottles: 180$

Shipping within the US is free in all these packages.

You can order the product online from the website .You can also reach the company through their e-mail and their office. 

The mailing address of the company is 3242 NE 3rd Avenue #1051, Camas, WA 98607.

Refund Policy

Vivaslim gives you the best refund policy that you probably will not get in any other supplement product. If you are not satisfied with the product and did not get any results or results according to your expectation. You can get your money back within 365 days of purchase.

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VivaSlim Reviews – Final Verdict

Vivaslim is a natural ingredients-containing product that reduces body fat by targeting the basic mechanism of fat deposition. It comes with good packages and has the best refund policy. So, if you want to reduce your body fat Vivaslim is the best choice. 

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