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As we all know that eyes are a great blessing. They give us a physical view of the world around us and enable us to see the world around us and appreciate its beauty. There is a famous saying “Eyes are windows of the soul”. Losing this blessing or having an impairment in their function is such a very harsh thing that can happen to a person. So, preserving the ability of this wonderful blessing is a very important thing that one should pay attention to. Different ailments of eyes make it difficult for people to enjoy the beauty of this world. For different diseases of the eyes, ophthalmologists have developed different remedies because it is very important to preserve this wonderful gift of nature. One of the products developed for the health of the eyes is Revision.

Revision Eye Supplement

Developed by Dr. Kenji Kanamaro and Dr. Robert who is an ophthalmologist from Sweden, eye supplement Revision not only has healthy effects on the eyes but also protects the brain. The formula of this supplement was prepared and researched at Augusta University. Revision is very different from many other eye supplements in many qualities, one of the qualities of Revision is for correcting the problems related to vision, it acts on the root cause that gave rise to those problems in the first place.

It is very important to have a supplement that can improve the health of the eyes because in the modern world the average screen time of the majority of the population has increased to a great amount and this has led to the deterioration of the health of the eyes. Many people around the world are facing the problem of poor eyesight at a very young age. With this increasing problem, many supplements have been prepared by different companies for the health of the eyes. It is very important to choose a good supplement that maintains good health of the eyes because all the supplements do not have the same efficacy. Some of the supplements work better than others. Among all the eye supplements, Revision eye supplement can be seen as a distinguished one because of the properties that it has and the following article will give you a comprehensive review of all those properties.

Revision Eye Supplement Introduction- Does It Works For Vision Health

Revision Eye Supplement is a non-GMO (genetically modified organisms), gluten-free eye supplement. The production of this supplement is approved by Food and Drugs Administration department (FDA). Revision was first manufactured by Dr. Kenji Kanamaro, who is a brain expert from Japan. Kanamaro’s formula needed some improvements and those improvements were then made by Dr. Robert from Sweden, who made this product better than the one prepared by Kanamaro.

Revision Eye Supplement is also different from other eye supplements in the way that it contains naturally occurring ingredients and those ingredients are mixed in proper amounts to make a very effective supplement.

The supplement contains different types of chemicals like antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients. These chemicals perform different functions in the body, the most important one is improving the health of the eyes. Along with making the vision better, these chemicals also improve a person’s memory, help them to focus better on their activities, and reduce the fatigue from daily life activities. These chemicals power sources to the body to maximize their impact on the body.

Revision Eye Supplement Ingredients:

Dr. Kenji Kanamaro and Dr. Robert have worked for years to make this formula from different herbal and plant extracts and make it best for the health of the eyes. Following is the list of ingredients with the detail of their functions in the body:


This amino acid mainly acts on the brain. Extracted from tea leaves, l-theanine not only improves the focusing ability of the brain but also increases the cognitive function of the brain and makes the person calm by reducing stress. It is a good immune booster thus improving a person’s immunity. It improves sleep and reduces the weight of a person.


Being the most active ingredient of Revision Eye Supplement, it not only improves brain function but also increases brain potential. Because of its role in the protection of nerves its action as a natural cognitive enhancer, is used in diseases like Alzheimer in which memory and cognitive impairment are the main findings.

Alpha GPC

By its action on the brain to supply it with the nutrients necessary for the different functions it performs in the body, this ingredient looks after brain cells and not only does it promote but significantly accelerates brain functions.


By its role in the stimulation of the production of chemicals in the brain that enhance nerve cell communication, this amino acid makes the person alert, increases his/her focus, and increases the attention span of the brain. Due to these actions, it can be used in situations of emotional blunting because it will elevate one’s mood.


Gama-aminobutyric acid is a neurotransmitter that inhibits the activity of neurons succeeding it and due to this action, this ingredient can be used to manage conditions like anxiety and insomnia. It can also be used for treating chronic pain conditions.


This phosphate group-containing amino acid also acts in a way similar to alpha GPC and results in better communication between nerve cells, by which not only the cognitive function of the brain is improved but the overall health of the brain dells is also improved.

Bacopa extract

This herbal extract performs the function of improving the health of our brain and improving the cognitive function of the brain by calming down our mind and hence is used in the state of anxiety. It is also used for the improvement of thyroid function and memory of a person.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B is very essential for our health. It improves the health of our eyes resulting in better vision and improves the growth of red blood cells resulting in better oxygen supply to organs of the body including the eyes. It improves the health of cells of our body like nerve cells that results in improved brain function. Vitamin B also improves appetite and results in the generation of more energy for body functions.

Working of the Revision Eye Supplement

The mechanism of action of Revision Eye Supplement is based on the nature of the processes that are involved in vision. A study was done by Augusta University about the mechanism of vision. The study suggests that the neurological connection between the retinas of our eyes and our brain is the key to the process of vision and any damage to this communication will result in deterioration of vision. According to the study, the enzyme arginase2 (A2) results in the deterioration of vision by the damage it causes to the neuronal communication between the eyes and the brain.

What A2 does to the function of the eye is that it is the main culprit in causing inflammation that results in deterioration of the cells in the retina as well in the central nervous system ultimately resulting in their death. This process causes a gross reduction in the vision of a person.

So, eliminating or lowering the amount of A2 in the body is the key to the preservation of vision. Revision has different ingredients that perform this exact function. They decrease the amount of A2 in the body and hence the cells in the neuronal communication between the retina and the brain are not affected and the vision of the person does not deteriorate.

Revision Eye Supplement Benefits:

Revision Eye Supplement being a great product gives its customers many benefits. Some of the benefits provided by this marvelous eye supplement are given below:

  • Reduces A2 in the body causing improvement in vision.
  • Reconnects the neurons.
  • Improves cellular health.
  • Prevents mental fatigue.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Elevates mood.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • It helps to concentrate better and improves the memory of a person.
  • Improves sensory perception.
  • All the benefits mentioned above are not only for the healthy brain and eyes but also for the overall well-being of the body.

Does it have any side effects?

As it has been said earlier that Revision Eye Supplement is a natural-ingredients-containing product. The natural ingredients in this product are free from all the side effects. This can further be ensured by going through customer reviews. The customers of this product believe that they have got all the benefits from this product but they have not experienced any side effects.

The safety and hygiene of the users had been emphasized while preparing this formula. Therefore, 100% of the formula was prepared from the vegetable extract. Moreover, this formula is non-GMO and that gives customers more relief about its nature. Due to its safety, it was approved by FDA and GMP.

Even though there are no side effects of this product, still people should consult their physician regarding the use of this product in specific situations. Pregnant women, women who work in nursing homes, and people under the age of 18 years should consult their physicians before use so that they can be protected from any side effects and get the maximum benefit from this product.

Revision Eye Supplement Price

Revision Eye Supplement is not only an effective supplement but is also available at a very affordable price. Other supplements may not provide the same level of effect as is provided by Revision and other supplements are expensive than Revision Eye Supplement. Different offers about Revision are available. Offers for order in bulk are generally better than ordering a single bottle.

The available packages are:

  • 1 month supply: With 7.95$ cost of shipping within the country, this package gives you a single bottle of Revision containing 30 tablets at a reasonable price of 69.75$.
  • 3 Months supply: This package comes free of any cost of shipping and handling. Not only that, but this package also gives a considerable discount of 15% on each bottle dropping the price from 69$ per bottle to 59$ per bottle and making it the most popular and most ordered package of Revision. This gives 3 bottles of Revision for use of three months.
  • 6 Months supply: The total price of this package is 249$. This package contains 6 bottles for the use of six months. This package gives more discount than 3 months package. You get a discount of 30% per bottle as compared to 15% per bottle in 3 months package. So that the price per bottle further drops to 49$. In addition to this discount, shipping and handling of this package are also free.

When it comes to selecting from these three packages, there is no doubt that the amount of discount given on 6 months supply makes it the best package. In addition to this, The physicians also suggest using the supplement for a long period to get results. Another additional thing that supports the choice of this package is the expiry date of the product. You don’t have to worry about that because the shelf life of the product is 2 years.


Revision Eye Supplement Reviews Verdict

You can purchase this Revision eye supplement very easily with only a few clicks. All you have to do is visit the official website of the product and place your order through it.

Besides this, the company has a good refund policy with a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days of purchase. So, if for some reason, you are satisfied with the product, you can get your money back by claiming within 60 days.
Revision is a natural product that improves the health of your eyes, is easy to bought and comes at an affordable price with a good refund policy.

Our Score


  • All the ingredients of Revision Eye Supplement are obtained from sources
  • The ingredients have been mixed in proper amounts suitable for the body.
  • It is made from vegetable extracts.
  • It is free from any artificially synthesized compounds.
  • It is non-GMO.
  • It is approved by GMP.
  • The company that makes this product is approved by Food and Drugs Administration department.
  • It is easily affordable and gives the customers very attractive offers.
  • The refund policy is excellent.


  • It is not available at retailer shops.
  • There can be a shortage in the stock or the product can be out of stock due to the increased demand of buyers.
  • The delivery of the product was affected by the pandemic situation but it is efficient now.

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