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Nervogen Pro Reviews – 2022 (Updated) learn Nervogen Pro supplement does it support neuropathy? Read List of Ingredients, Complaints Benefits And Pros Before You order.

One of the dilemmas of today’s society is nerve pain that occurs either due to neuropathy or due to functional psychiatric syndromes. People who incur these pains are in a state of constant suffering wanting only this discomfort to end, so they could enjoy the normal life again. Mostly the victims are old, immunocompromised, diabetics or those suffering from any chronic illness.

Such groups of people use over the medication for relieving their ailment which also act as double-edged sword and carry harmful side effects too. However, none of them targets nerve pain specifically and these people are unable to get a relief from their agony. They are in search of a solution for this problem.

Nervogen Pro reviews

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Nervogen claims to do that!

Nervogen Pro is a supplement specifically designed to cater people with hypertensive neuropathy and chronic nerve pain episodes. In the modern World, neuropathy is more common than we’d think and it is hindering our daily life uninterruptedly. There hasn’t been developed a permanent cure for it just yet.

However, Nervogen Pro has found itself dealing with one of the major component of neuropathy and that is a tensed up psoas muscle.

Nervogen Pro, a supplement not a drug, tries to alleviate people with neuropathic pain that has disturbed their life to the fullest, so they could enjoy it like they used to prior to disease. Nerve pain can be quite irritating and hinders your daily functional routine. Nervogen Pro helps you gain back control that you’ve lost due to this pain and agony.

Nervogen Pro Review – Does It Support Neuropathy?

Nervogen Pro, by brand, is a supplement that helps relieve the pain associated with neuropathy. There are 60 capsules in each of the bottle. Nervogen Pro, though seems like a drug is actually not and it’s made from 100% natural ingredients that include all the best herbs and shrebs. The core ingredients are vegetable material that make them easier to digest. Individuals willing to use it can consult their physicians, although it isn’t suitable for pregnant women and people below 18 years of age. It is imperative to state here that ingredients include milk, soy, egg, peanut, nuts, fish etc so people having allergies can know before use whether it’s safe for them or not.

Product name: Nervogen Pro

Category: Nerve damage supplement

Main benefits: Relieves neuropathic pain

Route of administration: Oral

Dosage: 2 capsules per day

Alcohol warning: No restrictions

Side effects: No significant side effect reported

Purchase: Only through official website

How Does Nervogen Pro Works?

The root cause of nerve pain in general in people is a worn-out psoas muscle. Nervogen Pro targets this muscle. Located at the inner side of your back just lateral to vertebra, it may seem that this muscle is not involved in originating nerve pain and that is exactly what some studies suggest. However, the thing of concern is when the muscle is taut, it can constrict the peripheral nerves of the spinal cord and hence initiate, pain.

Psoas muscle gets tensed up simply because of our stress. Stress and anxiety are the main contributors to functional pain that could arise anywhere in the body and not just lower back. If you happen to come across psychology, there is a term called “Medical symptoms of unexplained origin”.

This is defined as the appearance of symptoms such as pain, nausea and abdominal discomfort in the absence of any organic cause. It most commonly occurs in people who are prone to stress in their life, no matter if it is a personal matter or a chronic illness. These symptoms can appear and halt your life.

As our age progresses, so does our stress. It begins to accumulate in our body in increased amounts. This accumulation begins to weigh down on psoas which begins to tighten up and initiate the process that’s discussed above. Every group of muscle in the body is prone to stress and you could feel pain most commonly in your face, head, neck, shoulders, abdomen, and lower back. When muscles become taut, they increase the pressure on peripheral nerves passing through them and this initiates the process of never ending agony.

Nervogen Pro jumps in here and rescues us through its blend of natural ingredients. It soothes us of our pain and calms our nerves. It decreases the stress on the muscles and they become relaxed and so do we. It isn’t essentially a drug that acts to numb the pain but a natural supplement that eases your life.

Nervogen Pro: a helper

You might be wondering that how does nervogen helps?

The answer is simple! It can act in many ways to relieve you of your agony. It alleviates anxiety and stress from a person. Its property is calming down nerves. It does this by reducing the burden of stress and giving back serenity to our physical and mental health, so they function optimally. Chronic pain leads you towards depression and low mood, both of which are alarming situation from a psychological point of view. Nervogen Pro is directed to treat the root cause, so that these problems don’t occur in the first place.

Pain which is consistent can disturb your sleep and lead you towards insomnia. If a pain doesn’t let you sleep, it means that it’s quite serious. Lack of sleep can make you irritated and debilitated all the time. It can ruin your social relations and affect your work productivity. Nervogen Pro will help you with this problem and make you able to regain that lost sleep, so you could function efficiently.

People who are in pain all the time, cannot think clearly about anything else. Pain distracts you from all the important aspects of life and make you depressed and low mood. Nervogen Pro relieves the pain, so you could function properly without having pain in your thoughts and save your life and others’ important to you. Generally speaking, Nervogen Pro acts as a guide towards healthy family, social and work relations.

Nervogen Pro Ingredients

The ingredients being derived from organic compounds are 100% all-natural without the tweaking of any harmful toxins, chemicals or added preservatives. Nervogen Pro consists of only five natural ingredients.

Corydalis Yanhusuo

The herb is a natural pain reliever. Used in various homeopathic medications directed to relieve pain. It blocks the pain center in the brain, so that obnoxious stimulus doesn’t reach brain. They call him the ‘natural analgesic’. It also finds its use as a sedative and a hypnotic. Also useful for treating other conditions like migraines, painful menstruation, headaches and insomnia.

California Poppy seed

Constricting pressure of tightening muscles on the nerves can make them wore out. This ingredient gives the strength back to nerves which they lose with time and help them start afresh. It was also used as an analgesic, and sedative in ancient time. It helps with insomnia. It is also used to relieve stage fright, performance pressure and anxiety.

Passiflora Incarnata

This herb reduces palpitations and calms down the nerves. It can also treat insomnia. It was used by Red Indians to treat boils, wounds, aeraches and liver problems. It can also be used to treat ADHD.

Prickly Pear

It has magnesium and potassium both of which are required to develop a healthy action potential in nerve cell membranes. Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex and calcium are also present in it and they have nerve regenerating functions which proves beneficial when it comes to treating chronic nerve pain.

Marshmellow Root

Marshmellow root contains mucilage that forms a protective covering around muscle fibres prevent them from harmful effects of tension and nerve pain.

Psoas muscle, in particular, is regarded as the “soul muscle” of the body because it can have substantial effects on our body due to its location. The only approach to it is through medication because it can’t be manoeuvred from outside.

The marshmallow root has its efficacy through its action on psoas muscle in particular.

Nervogen Pro Label

Working of Nervogen Pro ingredients

The way it works is described below

  • Lessens nerve pain – By using Corydalis Yanhusuo as the key ingredient, Nervogen lessens the pain and agony felt by consumer. This ingredient is an essential analgesic that blocks pain signals.
  • Calms down Nerves – Passiflora Incarnate takes the lead here and calms down the nerves and also the anxiety associated with it.
  • Strengthens Nerves – This is done by California Poppy seeds. They give the strength back to nerves which they lose over time. This phenomenon can be seen in the sense of copper wire which becomes worn out with time.
  • Psoas becomes stress-free – Prickly pear takes the lead here. It has all the essential minerals that make a protective covering over psoas and cause it to relax without worrying about external manoeuvres.
  • Relaxes the muscles – Marshmallow root as explained earlier has soothing effect on all the major muscle groups of the body and help them relax and come in a docile state which in turn also helps the consumer to relax and enjoy a peaceful pain-free time.

Recommended dosage

Recommended dose of Nervogen Pro is 2 capsules per day. They can be taken after meals. Make sure to take them with ample water.

Don’t overdose on Nervogen Pro as the components can prove toxic if taken in excess of what is required.


It takes a week for Nervogen Pro to show its effect. Substantial results will occur after continuous and judicious use of 2 months. For long term effects, Nervogen Pro should be used for 6 months continuously.

Effectiveness of Nervogen Pro

It is a life saver from what the reviews say. It was made specifically to deal with neuropathic pain associated with chronic illnesses and that’s what it does best. Thousands out there have tried Nervogen Pro and they all agree that it works.

When we dissect it down to its ingredients, we see that all individual components are used as an analgesic or as a nerve calmers.

Great things take time, the mechanism is slow but it does give results. You just need patience for it to show results and you’ll be happy that you waited.

Cost and availability

Nervogen Pro is available for buying online only via official website. It isn’t available on amazon or ebay.

There are many discount offers with nervogen pro

  • One bottle — $69
  • Pack of 3 bottles — $59 per bottle
  • Pack of 6 bottles — $49 each bottle

Nervogen Pro is available only in United states, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canada. It cannot be shipped elsewhere.

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